Turtle Walk

Turtle Walk Information

2013 Sebastian Inlet State Park Sea Turtle Walk statistics:

Thanks to the park rangers and volunteer turtle scouts for an outstanding 2013 season. There were 44 turtle walks with 816 people participating in the program. 73% of the programs saw a loggerhead sea turtle. The program of the season finished with a bang when ranger Addy’s group had a nest of babies emerging next to them while they were watching their momma loggerhead laid her eggs.

Turtle Walk Reservation:

Reservations: Turtle Walk programs are presented during the months of June and July. Reservations for the month of June begin on May 15 from 10 AM to 4 PM. Reservations for the month of July begin on June 15 from 10 AM to 4 PM. Contact the Sebastian Fishing Museum 772.388.2750 for reservations. Turtle Walks at the Sebastian Fishing Museum are limited to 20 guests and are conducted Friday through Tuesday at the Sebastian Fishing Museum.

The program will begin at the Sebastian Fishing Museum at 9:00 PM. The Sebastian Fishing Museum is located on the south side of the Sebastian Inlet Bridge. Enter Sebastian Inlet State Park’s “south use area.” After 8:00 PM, tell the toll collector that you are here for the sea turtle walk and they will allow free entry. The Sebastian Fishing Museum is connected to the entrance station. The Sebastian Fishing Museum is seven miles north of County Road 510. The address is 14251 North AlA, Vero Beach, FL, 32963.

The program begins with a sea turtle PowerPoint presentation at 9:00 PM; please arrive a few minutes early. Scouts will go out on the beach to locate a turtle during the PowerPoint presentation. If the scouts find a turtle we will go directly to the turtle’s location when the presentation is complete. If not, around 10:00 PM, the whole group of 20 people will go to the beach and walk up to 3 miles looking for a nesting loggerhead sea turtle. That is 1 ½ miles each direction. Everyone must be in fair physical condition. Our beach is an isolated area, so once you start on the turtle walk you are basically committed.

General Information:

NO – Flash photography is permitted

NO – Flashlights can be used on the beach but are useful for crossing the dune to and from the beach

NO – Water or restrooms facilities once we are on the beach

You will want to wear comfortable walking shoes or sneakers. Definitely bring insect repellent.

You may want to consider wearing long pants and sleeves, if you are not tolerant of mosquitoes and no-see-ums.

You may want to bring water for this up to 3 mile turtle walk.

In the summertime, Sebastian Inlet and the rest of Florida have afternoon/evening rains almost daily. We will not go on the beach if there is lightning or heavy rain, and we have only cancelled a handful of times in the last 30 years. We will go on the beach if there is only a light rain with no lightning; we have had excellent results under those conditions, so you may want to bring an umbrella or raingear. Don’t let cloudy skies and a little rain scare you off, especially our typical 5-to 8-PM thunderstorms that occur all summer long here. The program can end as late as 1 AM. There is no guarantee that we will find a sea turtle. We find turtles on 75% of our programs.

Please call 772.388.2750 even if just one person in your group can not attend, so we could let someone else attend these very popular programs.

The Fishing Museum Gift Shop will  re-open at 8:00 pm during the Turtle Walks.