Meet Our Volunteers

“Meet Our Volunteers” is designed to highlight the dedicated volunteers of Sebastian Inlet State Park.

Donna, (DJ) and Amos Bellefleur take a special pride in Sebastian Inlet State Park. It has been a part of their lives forever! DJ was born here & Amos was only 6 months old when he moved here, with his family. They now reside in Sebastian. Their children grew up around the Sebastian Inlet State Park  (SISP) and now they’re bringing their grandchildren! They enjoy collecting shells, pointing out the wildlife & marine life as they walk.

DJ and Amos also volunteer their time while both working full time jobs! But, if they get a call to help the Manatee Watch Team, or the Turtle Walk team, they’re always willing to come help out. DJ has been an Assistant Mgr. of the Manatee Watch Team over the last two years where she’s been a great help!  On a recent Friday night DJ, Amos and two of their grandchildren came to help out with a breeding pod of manatees that had beached themselves. Once there they took questions from beach goers and did the same with the grandchildren. They were also taking pictures of the injury marks on several of them to send to FWC for future identification. It was a great learning session for the kids! Their dedication to the Park and to teaching possible future volunteers the responsibilities and joys of being involved at SISP.  A big thanks for all you do!!