Meet Our Volunteers 2

“Meet Our Volunteers 2” is designed to highlight the dedicated volunteers of Sebastian Inlet State Park.  The volunteers listed below are previous recipients of this honor.

Irene Librach

Meet Irene Librach ! She’s a proud volunteer with the “Show team” and 2 days a week she puts on her loving hat and rides the south side park watch!!!  She is enjoying the single life of Sebastian, as she moved here from Allentown, PA.

When she was asked “Why does she volunteer? She quickly answered it’s such an awesome park!!” What more could you want like being outside all the time and meeting new people.

In her free time Irene enjoys riding her bike especially in the Jungle Trail, hike, kayak, and is an avid reader. She finds sea glass to make jewelry, finds sea beans, and maya cards with friends from her woman’s group.

Irene first heard about volunteering here at SISP when she attended the Earth Day, in April 2016. She talked to our dynamic volunteers and signed up to be a volunteer to spread the word!!!

She enjoys fun things and especially watching the dolphins racing through the Inlet. Her only regret was the day she missed seeing the Right Whales in the Inlet!!!

She’s a busy lady but catch up to her if you can and say Hi!!!!! Even though she’s only been here 2 years she’s got a lot of positive vibes!!!

Stevie Myrick

Stevie Myrick is originally from St. Louis, MO. His family moved to Florida in 1989. In his previous life, he was an Assistant Vice President for a large hospital-based multispecialty physician practice. He is retired and resides in Sebastian with his wife Julie. He has two daughters and 5 grandkids who, luckily, also live in Sebastian.

He has been volunteering at our park for over two years doing Park Watch. He says, “I volunteer at the Park to enjoy something I love, the nature, the outdoors, and the people.” When he’s not volunteering at the park he and Julie love to travel. They are frequent cruisers and enjoy traveling around the country in their camper. And, when they’re not traveling, they’re chasing after their grandkids. Steve took his grandkids to school before he sent in this brief bio. For all you do, Thank You, Steve.

Janice and Brad Marx

Tuesday mornings, slowly and steadily, Janice and Brad Marx walk the perimeters of A1A, their bright orange vests identifying their presence, their white buckets, and pincers in hand, and heads down identifying their mission: they are removing trash from the park land south of the Inlet bridge. This couple has accumulated over 5,000 hours of service during this volunteer work and were even chosen as Volunteers of the Month for all of District 3 during this time.

Asked if their work goes unnoticed, they mention occasional passing drivers waving or honking. Brad especially remembers one man who stopped and gave them each a Buffalo nickel. Brad adds, “The man told us he stops whenever he sees someone doing a good deed and gives that person a Buffalo nickel. These rare nickels were minted between 1913 and 1938. Since the man is a coin collector, this was his way of giving someone valuable to someone else doing something valuable.”  And “valuable” does characterize what they are doing. Though both view their jobs as “kind of fun”. Often, they watch terns and gulls swooping after fish; schools of bait fish alive on the surface, bright white in the morning sun; and dolphins surfacing over the waves.

Brad and Janice first started volunteering at the Inlet thirteen years ago. Jerry Hutchko, then principle organizer of volunteer services, asked them if they would like “to do the river walk.”  They soon discovered that the walk focused on trash removal but were surprised to find a $20 bill the first day they walked the four-mile, roundtrip south of the bridge. Brad laughs and speculates, “Jerry probably put the bill along the highway as an incentive.” Janice adds, “So each time we start our work, we ask ourselves, ‘What will we find today?’”

For both, volunteering has been a part of their lives for years. It started when their children were growing up, they volunteered with the local scouting club.

With their white buckets and pincers, the Marxes embody the best in volunteerism. If you are driving down A1A on Tuesday mornings and see these two give them a honk and a wave to show appreciation for what they do.

Donna, (DJ) and Amos Bellefleur

Donna, (DJ) and Amos Bellefleur take a special pride in Sebastian Inlet State Park. It has been a part of their lives forever! DJ was born here & Amos was only 6 months old when he moved here, with his family. They now reside in Sebastian. Their children grew up around the Sebastian Inlet State Park  (SISP) and now they’re bringing their grandchildren! They enjoy collecting shells, pointing out the wildlife & marine life as they walk.

DJ and Amos also volunteer their time while both working full time jobs! But, if they get a call to help the Manatee Watch Team, or the Turtle Walk team, they’re always willing to come help out. DJ has been an Assistant Mgr. of the Manatee Watch Team over the last two years where she’s been a great help!  On a recent Friday night DJ, Amos and two of their grandchildren came to help out with a breeding pod of manatees that had beached themselves. Once there they took questions from beach goers and did the same with the grandchildren. They were also taking pictures of the injury marks on several of them to send to FWC for future identification. It was a great learning session for the kids! Their dedication to the Park and to teaching possible future volunteers the responsibilities and joys of being involved at SISP.  A big thanks for all you do!!

Timmy Goss

Timmy Goss joined the SPARCIE Construction Crew at the Sebastian Inlet State Park in 2012.  He bought a winter home in Sebastian after retiring and spending a few years of traveling here in an RV.  He returns to Wisconsin in spring to spend time with his children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.  Timmy and his wife, Sandy, built a successful auto body shop in their home town of Menasha, WI.  There Timmy developed his love of old cars.  He is currently restoring a 1951 2-door Ford convertible.  His skill at rebuilding automobiles has come in handy since he has worked on some of the State Park’s more challenging cars and trucks.

Other projects that Timmy has participated in at the State Park include building a wood shed, replacing doors on various park buildings and building a greenhouse for the park’s plants.  Timmy is a perfectionist so you know anything he’s working on is going to be done well.

He is presently in Wisconsin helping his son remodel an old house, still working on his old Ford, and floating on his pontoon boat at his cottage.  He’s, also, fishing and hunting elk, bear and deer.  He’s like the energizer bunny; a never ending source of activity. We will be glad to have him back helping out in the park when he returns in the fall. Our park is made great by volunteers like Timmy Goss. Thanks for everything you do.

Margaret Stahler Fuller

Margaret Stahler Fuller was born 6/24/1941 in Balboa, Canal Zone, Republic of Panama. She and her family moved to the USA in July of 1952. She was educated beginning in Hendersonville, North Carolina and graduated from Melbourne High School in 1959. In that same year Margaret started her bookkeeping career at Cash and Save Appliance Store in Melbourne. From there she married Joseph Fuller who she knew from Panama. They started their blended family ultimately totaling five children. She worked full time while raising her family and retired from Walt Disney World after 28 years. She and her husband Joe became volunteers at Sebastian Inlet State Park in April of 2010.

Margaret has served in the “Nook” at the Fishing Museum for the past eight years. She became the CSO’s Treasurer in 2017.

She enjoys her family, her church where she volunteers for the Children’s Outreach Program and her pets.

We sincerely appreciate Margaret for all she does and all she is.